Storyboard Software

Simple storyboard / An example of simple story used for filmmakiA while back, I was looking for software for a training program and came across Storyboard That. It is a free software, you can two times per week or less and you  are limited to a 3 or 6 cell combination. If you wan’t more options, the cost is $59.95 per year for education. If you don’t want to  spend the money, you won’t be limited other than the above restrictions with the free version. Storyboards can be used to teach a lesson, share some history in an entertaining way or to create a storyboard for a video you plan to film. Storyboards can be entertaining for all ages.

To create a storyboard with StoryboardThat:

  1. Click on Create a Storyboard (top right)
  2. Add your background – their are many to choose from and you can edit to fit your needs. For example, a car on a road can be changed to a car on a road at night while it is snowing. Don’t like any of the choices? Add your own images.
  3. Add your character(s). Again, there are lots to choose from, including historical figures/dress and you can add/change hair, eye, skin and clothing color. You can also edit their positions and expressions.
  4. Add call outs for more interest and to explain your story. You can also add audio either in the program (new) or after you finish you can add your own recording with multiple programs, such as Audacity. You can also change the font, font size, color and call out background.
  5. You may want to change the layout to add titles, descriptions (see below) or add more cells. The options are endless. When done, save. If you want to share it online you need to change the setting from private to public. Choose embed for the embed code as I did below if you wish to place it in a webpage.

Click here the image for a larger version of the file.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!



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