Best Online Training Sites for Software

online-training-sign-smThere are a lot of places you can go to get help with your software questions, but some are better than others.  The one I recommend as the best overall is There are many reasons I recommend but I will share those that I feel are most important with you:

  1. Videos – The videos, and there are thousands, are broken down into short segments, usually 5 minutes or less. This is really important because it gives you the necessary information without overloading your brain with extraneous information. You can look at the titles and decide what to watch and you can stop and start as needed. You can also watch multiple times to ensure you get all the relevant information as needed. There is also a transcript that plays along and you can copy it and paste it into a document to save for later.
  1. Download Files – You are given the files used in the video training to practice with during and after watching the video. This is very helpful when you might use what you’ve learned sporadically and need to pull up the information in a hurry. I highlight information that I know is particularly important and will likely be needed in the future. By using the files to practice what you have watched, you are helping your brain to retain the information in your long term memory.
  1. Cost – Although there is a cost, about $25 per month, it is well worth the expense. You will find that not only do they have almost every program you might use, but they also have multiple versions of the software available for those who haven’t upgraded but still need the training. You can do a month to month subscription, which allows you to cancel at any time when you find you are not using it.

If you work for UNH Cooperative Extension, contact me about using one of our accounts.

Some other training sites worth checking out:

  1. Skillshare – This site has lots of videos, by a multitude of people for a nice price ($12 per month with one month free to start for Premium membership). You can download the videos for offline viewing as well. The videos are broken up into segments with a sidebar that gives you the section titles to choose from. There is also a project for you to do that will solidify the learning experience. This site is a good one, but not as organized as It is however a great site for those with a creative mind that want to learn something new for a low cost.
  1. AdobeTV – A great place to get free training videos for all things Adobe. The site is free. The number of videos for the software varies greatly and it isn’t always easy to find the information you are looking for, so it wouldn’t be my first choice. It is a great place to look for information about a software program and what it can do when you are trying to decide whether or not to buy the software.

There are many other sites out there, but give these a try and see what you think. If you have a site you like, please feel free to share the information here. Stay tuned for a post on best blog sites for teaching with technology later this week.



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